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Don Cullen, Principal Engineer

Code slinger, entrepreneur, and geek extraordinaire

  • Creatively Determined
    Crafting With Sheer Will

    There’s no such thing as impossible. I’m a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will.  Got an unique need? No problem, I’ll find an unique solution.

  • Happy Geek
    Coding With Fun

    Slinging code like there’s no tomorrow — and having an absolute blast while at it!

  • Passionately Caring
    Available When Needed

    Sometimes you will have concerns, ideas, or even want to chat.  You deserve to feel like you’re being listened to.

  • Multi-Faceted Professional
    Jack of All Trades

    I can support a broad range of needs, and have a strong vibrant network I can tap into for support.

My Skills
Crafting With Love

I have a degree in Business Administration with a focus in management and marketing.  I am a Principal Engineer with over ten years of experience under my belt.  With a strong background in engineering and project management, I have much to offer.

  • Management 70% 70%
  • Marketing 75% 75%
  • Salesforce 50% 50%
  • Development 95% 95%

Cups of Tea Consumed and Counting

Coding Languages Known

Endorsements on LinkedIn

Awards Won

Businesses I’ve Worked With

With a proven track record of success,
it’s worth it to work with me!

“Don is a trusted and invaluable partner to me at ExitGuide. As a Principal Engineer, he has a deep understanding of engineering and architecture. He managed contractors & resources and has been instrumental in ensuring that our development process is efficient and effective.”

Eric Grafstrom

CEO, ExitGuide

“I had the pleasure to work with Don at Convo Communications. He designed creative solutions and was a very good web developer. I appreciated his frank thoughts and ideas.”
Beth Overhuls

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Convo Communications

“Don is a jack of all trades and is capable of working in different aspects of creative, IT and marketing field. He has excellent sense of humor and a joy to chat with.”

Rosa Lee Timm

Chief Marketing Officer & Division President, Communication Service for the Deaf

“Don is a hard worker and puts in the effort it takes to accomplish the task at hand. He has good vision about project goals and takes the steps necessary to see a project all the way through.”
Josh McGilberry

Assistant Vice President, XTM/ATM Development