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Don Cullen, Principal Engineer

Whatever the need is, I can help you find solutions.

  • Creatively Determined
    Crafting With Sheer Will

    There’s no such thing as impossible. I’m a man of focus, commitment, and sheer **** will.  Got an unique need? No problem, I’ll find an unique solution!

  • Happy Geek
    Coding With Fun

    Slinging code like there’s no tomorrow — and having an absolute blast while at it!

  • Passionately Caring
    Available When Needed

    Sometimes you will have concerns, ideas, or even want to chat.  You deserve to feel like you’re being listened to. Just reach out!

  • Multi-Faceted Professional
    Jack of All Trades

    Got needs beyond the norm? I’m pretty versatile! I can support a broad range of needs, and have a strong vibrant network I can tap into for support!

My Skills
Crafting With Love

I have a degree in Business Administration with a focus in management and marketing.  I am a Principal Engineer with over six years of experience under my belt.  With a strong background in engineering and project management, I have much to offer.

  • Marketing 75% 75%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Salesforce 20% 20%
  • Management 30% 30%

Cups of Tea Consumed and Counting

Coding Languages Known

Endorsements on LinkedIn

Awards Won

Businesses I’ve Worked With

With a proven track record of success,
it’s worth it to work with me!

“I had the pleasure to work with Don at Convo Communications. He designed creative solutions and was a very good web developer. I appreciated his frank thoughts and ideas.”
Beth Overhuls

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Convo Communications

“This is a guy that will give you an out-of-the-box solution if you come to him with a problem. He’s a self-starter too. He was a significant asset.”
Leila Hanaumi

Director of Communications, Convo Communications

“Don is a hard worker and puts in the effort it takes to accomplish the task at hand. He has good vision about project goals and takes the steps necessary to see a project all the way through.”
Josh McGilberry

Assistant Vice President, XTM/ATM Development

“Don was a pleasure to work with. He has a vast set of skills and never gave up on a challenge. Projects were always completed on schedule.”
Adam Moskowitz

Head of Trusts and Estates Practice Group, Bregman, Berbert, Schwartz & Gilday, LLC

My Creative Collective

It’s good to be working with an awesome team of professionals with diverse talents!

Don Cullen
Full Stack Web Developer

With over 8 years of experience in full stack web development, and a degree in Business Administration, Don’s the guy to call when you need a solution!

Sheena Stuart-Milburn
Graphic & Web Designer
Passionate work-oriented visual designer with 10 years of experience producing and managing top-quality visually striking assets with rapid turnaround using best design practices and close collaboration, ensuring embodiment of client vision.
Sam Harris
Creative Content Writer
With a degree in business administration & marketing and 5 years of marketing under the belt, Sam’s got the creative eye to develop content with the just right kind of hook to capture and inspire your target audience.